At Hog Roast Catering Company we are equally as passionate about BBQs as well as our famous hog roasts


Our BBQ menu can be a full menu in itself or can accompany the hog roast for a more varied menu.


The gas BBQs are quick to set up and once fired, the delicious BBQ aroma will certainly make everyone hungry!


A full canapé, salad and dessert menu can also be provided.

Our sample menu is below, however we can mix and match and of course add any BBQ requests you may have.


BBQ Menu:


  • Beefburgers

  • Pork sausages

  • Lamb sausages

  • Rump steak

  • Ribeye steak

  • BBQ chicken thighs

  • BBQ chicken breast

  • Monkfish tails

  • Beef kebabs

  • Chicken drumsticks

  • Cajun chicken

  • Chicken kebab skewers

  • Salmon and king prawn parcels

  • Seabass

  • Minted lamb chops

  • Lamb koftas

  • Pork spareribs

  • Salmon fillets

  • Peri peri chicken

  • Homemade beefburgers

The above is purely one of our sample menus. We are more than happy to work with you to create a menu unique to your event and taste.

Please feel free to either call us: T: 0330 311 2717 or Email: